Being a company with a high degree of skill and specialization, one of GEOSA’s pillars is its human capital Likewise, said human capital has been provided with state-of-the-art equipment.

Human resources

  • Two Civil Engineer.
  • One Geologist and Occupational Health and Safety Technician.
  • One Mining Engineer specialized in drilling and boring.
  • One Technical Mining Engineer and Occupational Health and Safety Technician.
  • One Technical Mining Engineer (Health and Safety Department Head).
  • One Business Administration Graduate.
  • Six Working teams specialized in pipe jacking, each team consisting of a shift leader, an electrician, a pilot, a mechanic and a hydraulic technician, plus assistants.
  • One Raise-Boring equipment operation team (6 persons).
  • Two mining work teams (mining guards, drillers, explosive experts, etc...).

Main material resources

For Raise-Boring and similar works:

  • One Tamrock RHINO 400 H machine.
  • Two Turmag P-600 y P-1200 machines.

For pipe jacking:

  • Three full HERRENKNECHT AVN 1200 T machines, plus 1400 y 1500 extension kits (covering a diameter range of 1200-1400-1500).
  • One HERRENKNECHT AVN 1800 T machine, plus a 2000 extension kit (covering a diameter range of 1800 - 2000).
  • One Microtunneling machine HERRENKNECHT AVN600 (shares some resources with the AVN1200).

Mining equipment:

  • Manual drilling equipment, a drilling jumbo for small section galleries, loaders, scrappers, winches, etc...

Mission and values

Since its inception, GEOSA has encouraged a culture of strengthening the same abilities and attitudes that drilling-related works demand by their own nature: seriousness, skill, training, responsibility, involvement and reliability. This comes together with an always positive attitude to our customers. We make their interests our own and whenever possible we help them to find the more convenient solutions.
On the other hand, society nowadays demands for human actions to be more and more respectful with the environment. This demand fits very well in our company’s social objective – whenever a ditch is replaced by a microtunnel or a guided drilling, environmental aggression is substantially minimized – and satisfying this demand is currently a priority in every lever of our organization.
Our human resources policy, with its constant training process, as well as the fighting and sacrifice spirit that comes with our mining roots, have allowed us to successfully carry out difficult projects and to achieve a recognized standing in our field of work.